Tony Zanetti - RIOT Boy
Home: I have no place to go.
When Not Paddling: I am thinking about paddling.
Most Proud Of: RIOT Sponsorship.
Advice: Take it slow, be safe, and have FUN, oh yah, paddle RIOT.
Favorite Creek/Run: Any river that has play on it. Payette, Hood, Clark Fork, Spokane, Salmon, Clackamas, Deschutes.
Favorite Playspot: Pot-O-Gold Hole, Salmon River, Idaho. WOW, this is one of the most dynamic holes I have ever been in. Great for blunts, cleans, splits, and a good work'n.
Best Thrashing:
Admirations:That's a big word.
Creek Tip:Don't
Rodeo Tip:Technique, Technique, Technique.
Other Sports:Mountain Biking, Rock/Ice Climbing, Skiing, Road Scholar.

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