Kira Susnis Wing - Sunshine -
Home: Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
When Not Paddling: Co-Owner of Otter River & Mountain Sports, gardening in the twilight hours and running with my two dogs at night because that is the only time I have left!
Most Proud Of: Creating a job that allows me to have the flexability to persue my passions.
Advice: Be confident in your ability and know that finess is a more important tool then strength.
Favorite Creek/Run: Skookumchuk Creek in B.C. because of the beauty and unique river features. But most of all how happy it makes me feel when I run it.
Favorite Playspot: The Bladder Wave on the Payette River. I had no idea something that emmence was surfable! What a rush!!!
Best Thrashing: Pot-O-Gold Hole, Salmon River. At the wrong level!!!
Admirations:That would be the real heros...friends. The ones that help and encourage you to become the best kayaker that you can be.
Creek Tip:
Rodeo Tip:Practice every day, even if it is only in your mund!
Other Sports:Snowboarding (yummy), Telemark Skiing, Rock Climbing, Mtn. Biking, Ice Climbing, Wanna-be dog sled racer

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