Dear Santa Paddlin' Wishes
by McHolehog 22-Dec-2000 02:05 PM

Dear Santa, Oh great friend of paddlers,
Here is my wish list for 2001.
I have been a very good boy this past year and
deserve your consideration for the following humble

-Another swimless year
-A long and steady spring run-off
-Lots of snow in the mountains for my
skiing/boarding friends (which also helps with
above wish)
-A new play paddle would be nice
-A clean run @ S-Turn on Cle Elum
-Paddle days in the 3 digit range (only 70 this
-Let Tony Z paddle without dislocating
-A new play boat would be nice
-A safe year for all paddlers everywhere
-No hidden strainers please
-A win over John in local rodeo
-New stinkless paddling clothes!
-Top 3 finishes for Team Otter in all NW rodeos
-Cobin Wave @ 16000cfs for a coupla months at
-Keep all local paddling spots quiet (I know
that's selfish)
-How about Sullivan @ 3000cfs for the entire
-Time off from work for Paddlefest VII
-The energy to paddle 1/3 of the year

That's about it Santa and thanks for listening.
Paddlingly yours,
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