My thoughts for what they are worth...
by Jason Wing 2-Jan-2001 12:07 PM


I am not the target weight ( I'm only 170 lbs) for
the Score but here where my impressions from
paddling it.  It was quite fast while in a ferry
and the tips where well out of the water.  Catching
a wave was silky smooth and easy and the wider
plaining surface as compared to the ForPlay made
for a much stabler platform.  The carving was
comparible to the ForPlay without the smaller, less
stable transition zone in between edges.  Great
speed on edge and easier spins.  At my weight,
cartwheels where harder to link up beyond four in
our small local hole due to the extra volume but a
friend only 15 pounds heavier could completely
go-off.  The volume distribution is very good and
well balanced for riverrunning.  For someone under
200 pounds, the Score will rage as a forgiving
riverrunning playboat.  For the 200+ paddler the
Score will make a killer larger feature boat that
excels on big waves and holes.  O-Yeah, the comfort
and foot room is generous and the new FAT
outfitting is Sweet!!!

does anyone have anything to say about the score,
im thinking about getting me one......
thanks, greg
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