Up in the air.......
by Jason, ORS 13-Feb-2001 11:32 AM

Well, here is the deal...  Due to the projected
low flows for the Spring and especially during the
time of the rodeo, we have decided to not sponsor a
NOWR event and just play it by ear.  We need 15,000
cfs or more for Corbin Park to work, the projected
flow for the Spokane on May 19th and 20th is 5000 -
7000 cfs.  Our plan right now is to have a fun
paddle fest weekend up on the St Joe with a weekend
of playboating, rescue and general skills clinics
as well as manufacturer demos and group camping.
Maybe a rodeo if people are interested.   Just a
fun for all event where everyone can participate. 
What are your thoughts on such a event?  Would you
and your friends be interested in something like


Jason Wing 

Since Wenatchee moved their rodeo to the same
weekend as the Corbin Park Rodeo, will you be
moving yours?  Also, it's not posted on NOWR's
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