Ironic isn't it........
by Jason 14-Jun-2001 10:54 AM

Yeah, I have thought about this as well.  I guess
the way to look at it is, a lesser of evils.  Our
very existance dictates that we do damage to the
environment.  Probably the only real enviro.
friendly recreation is naked, bare foot, trail
running.  But that would probably scare the
wildlife.  Whether it's the fairing on a 4-wheeler
or the composite blade of a paddle, it's all
plastic (oil).  However, if you look at where the
majority of oil consumption goes to, it's the
internal combustion engin and home heating. 
Basically, we are way down on the totum pole of
consumption and most products can now be  or soon
will be made from recycled polymers.  It isn't
perfect but getting better.


I was kayaking the other day and my buddy was
commenting on how we weren't burning any fossil
fuels and that kayaking was very eco friendly.  I
agreed with him and then drove home.  On the
home i started thinking about how much oil
does use.  
My helmet, life jacket, dry top, skirt, paddle,
kayak, fleece for layering, throw rope,
was made from oil!  Is kayaking or rafting truly
enviromental sport when everything we use is
made from oil or has to be mined.  Me i will not
lose any sleep over it but it is something to
about since most human powered sports people
consider themselves eco friendly.
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