Toenail Hazard (no not pedicure)
by mcholehog 4-Sep-2001 03:56 PM

Ran the lower (Spokane) Sat and had an
interesting run at extreme low volume
(590cfs).The run on the left of the Toenail shows 
the drop quite nicely at this level and
reinforces why you don't wanna roll in this mess
of sharp basalt!
ANYWAY, the run was clean then but not now!
Sometime Sat or Sun a log got wedged into the far 
left slot that is runnable at higher levels (too
low now so you take the right slot of the river
left run). It poses no serious hazard as long as
you're not swimming or rolling or WAY off line. I 
have no idea whether this log will wash out come
the fall lake runoff so be wary and check it
Be careful out there,
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