RE: Boating in Canada (WOW)
by McHolehog 4-Sep-2001 04:06 PM

Thanks for the info. I also would highly
recommend the Nahatlatch if you're in the area.
Last years paddlefest took us there and it is one 
roller coaster of a run. Scenery ain't too bad
Nothing like starting on a calm lake then hit a
1/2-3/4 mile of 200+ ft/mile to start the upper
run to get your juices flowing! We just did the
upper that trip, hope to do the lower next time
if time allows!

Jason wrote:
Boating in Canada is going off!

The Nahatlatch is a beautiful Class III-IV canyon 

run with continuous whitewater character.

The Thompson River, about an hour North of the
Nahatlatch is a big water class III-IV run. 
river at 35,000 cfs creates gnarly eddy-lines
forcing mystery moves and monster wave/holes.  

If you want more information please drop me a

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