RE: RE: RE: RE: Lost Seven2 paddle at Dead Dog, reward...
by McHolehog 21-Apr-2002 10:28 AM

To all; yes and no: Mike, Mick, "old man" (Jed),
"Frenchy" (also Jed),
"King O' No" (Flounder), butt-munch, SOB, etc.,
are all monikers to which I have indeed responded 

"Late 60's" Hoffersurfin'? No, I believe I was
doing a different kind of hole riding back
Can't be sure though, as it's a bit foggy,
sooooooo long ago.

>>Richard, sorry to hear 'bout the lost

Thanks! By the way, your name says "Mick" but are 

you the same guy I knew as "Mike" French back
the late 80's and early 90's? Or related,
    >>Don't you mean the late 60's?<<
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