Dead Dog Surfer Photos
by kayakattack, NWEx Photography 3-May-2002 01:05 PM

I finally got some photos uploaded at my MSN
Communities website:

tography/home.htm (copy and paste into browser
address field and then click on Pictures in
lefthand column). The only hassle is that you
need a MSN Passport Acct. which you can get at (Tip: just let the Free Hotmail
account expire after 30 days unless you want to
come back to the site). Good ol' advertising
supporting my content. I've got photos of Jason
W., Chris H., Jed and a bunch of McHoleHog get
busy with stern squirts. Other boaters are found, 

but identities unknown. E-mail me if you are
interested in reproductions at or know of any of the unknown 
pictured. Check 'em out! 
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