RE: Lost gear on Lolo Creek
by McHolehog 29-May-2002 03:16 PM

Steve, sorry to hear about lost geat, but
thankful no lost boaters, happy to hear you all
got out safely.

Steve wrote:
We made the mistake of trying to run Lolo Creek
at much too high of water level last week and got 

totally humbled! Two out of three of us lost
boats and had to make the heinous climb out of
the canyon. On top of that, I laid my truck on
its side in a ditch on the way to the put-in. 
Not a good day!

We lost two WS Y creek boats, an AT2 paddle and a 

couple of Werner straight shafts (one a break
down). If anyone comes across anything, please
let me know. I'll try to come up with a modest
reward if anything is still usable.

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