Sorry to see the shop go
by hartz 19-Jun-2002 05:38 PM

Hey all!  Sorry to hear about Otter going under.  
The best shop in the region will definitely be
missed, even by those who aren't in Spokane!

On the forum, it would be a shame for this
community resource to close down.  If it is not
possible to maintain the site as it is, may I
suggest that a yahoo site similar to is started for the Spokane
community?  What do folks think of this.  I would 
spearhead the effort myself, but am currently
working in CO, and don't predict returning to the 
Spokane area in the near future, unfortunately. 
As someone who paddled in the area frequently, I
would say the bulletin board is invaluable, I
often refer boaters I meet out of the region to
the site to find out more about the amazing
boating opportunities in Spokane.

On a side note: Hey all!  Sorry I took off
without a more formal goodbye, things got pretty
hectic in the last week or two I was in Spokane,
I'm hoping to come through in the fall, I'll
update folks as the time draws nearer.  (I'm
jealous of all the water you folks are enjoying
up there, CO is currently the ultimate in "low
water" play, ack....)
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