YMCA Pool Sessions starting this Wednesday
by Richard Hartman 3-Sep-2002 02:48 PM

Hey folks, it's time once again to convince the
YMCA that kayaks are a good thing!

I'm putting together a group to visit the Spokane 
Valley YMCA Wednesday night, 04 September
(tomorrow) at 7:00pm. I don't think anyone has
been taking kayaks to their pool during the
summer and it's important to show them that there 
is a strong interest in pool access every week
during the fall, winter, and spring. We need a
STRONG start... if just one or two kayaks show up 
it will be easy to blow us off. But if we have a
half-dozen or more, they'll remember us from last 

Please spread the word and email back to this
list to confirm that you can make it. Even if you 
can't stay the whole time, showing up with your
kayak(s) around 7:00pm will help get the message
across. Remember, regular pool access is really
hard to get... so please invest an hour or so
tomorrow to help insure it for the upcoming
winter months.


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