Spokane River Release Schedule
by Richard Hartman 5-Sep-2002 09:51 AM

Avista plans to start draining Lake Couer d'Alene 
next Monday and will continue through all of
September and October. Current flow in the
Spokane River is around 1000 cfs. Starting next
Monday, it will rise to around 1500 cfs and stay
there for September. Beginning in October, it
will rise to around 2500 cfs and remain there
until Lake Cd'A reaches normal winter level. Not
a lot of water, but a few playspots come back in
at those levels so we should still have some
playtime before the snow flies. 

Also, the weekly YMCA pool sessions have started
again. We had three kayaks in the pool last night 
and the facility will be open to us from 7-9pm
every Wednesday night from now on. Members are
free; a single day pass is $7, and one couple got 
in last night for $5 each. It's important to come 
to these sessions so that the Valley YMCA
continues to see demand and thus keeps the pool
open to us through the winter. Lots of people
don't have indoor pool access, and we are
fortunate enough to have it every week - let's
not lose it!

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