WaterStick Zen Paddle at YMCA Pool Session!
by Richard Hartman / BoaterTalk 12-Nov-2002 02:27 PM

In addition to the WaveSport Transformer kayaks,
I'll also have a WaterStick Zen paddle at the
YMCA pool session tomorrow (Wed, 13 Nov, 7-9pm).
This is a bent-shaft composite paddle with some
very interesting ergonomic and manufacturing
concepts. I'll be looking for comments on the Zen 
paddle for use in its review, and taking a few
pictures as well.

Bring your own kayak(s) and paddle(s) so you can
do a side-by-side comparison between what you've
got and these new products... changing too many
things at once can be confusing. Also, be sure to 
bring your own sprayskirt since mine won't fit

See you Wednesday night!

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