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by Cindy 27-May-2012 02:07 AM

Kayaking can be intimidating but it's also fun
once you know how. The csaepeht way to get a
headstart on the subject can be found here:Some
of the topics covered include:1. How to find the
best kayak for you, and how to buy a kayak at a
price you can afford2. Everything you need to
know about used kayaks, kayak gear and
accessories3. How to paddle a kayak, including
the best strokes for pushing through rapids and
dodging gnarly rocks4. Rolling your
kayak-—step-by-step guidance5. Kayaking
safety—hand and arm signals, common river
hazards6. The art of reading and understanding
whitewater7. River running techniques8. River
safety and common river hazardsTips from the
pros, and more.
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