Available Sizes/Colors/Etc
Regular Grip (32") 191
Regular Grip (32") 193
Regular Grip (32") 195
Regular Grip (32") 197
Wide Grip (34") 191
Wide Grip (34") 193
Wide Grip (34") 195
Wide Grip (34") 197

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Seven2 G3
Hot New Product!!!
Ergo-Torsion Control Grips
* The 8 degree grips line-up tendons, ligaments and muscles for correct ergonomics. Angling the grip, instead of the shaft, keeps the center of the hand aligned with the center point of the blade.
* Grips offer unmatched blade control, without having to over-grip the paddle. Orientation to the blade's powerface is automatic, eliminating missed strokes, blade flutter and forearm fatigue.
* Stationary grips create a consistent distance from hand to blade, ensuring a balanced swing weight.
Resurface Technology Blades
* All buoyancy is concentrated in the NEW air-core blades. Blades quickly resurface, adding power to braces and rolls. Buoyant blades create a "spring" in your stroke, reducing energy output between paddle strokes and moves.
* Mid-size asymmetrical blades provide a hydrodynamic surface on both the powerface and reverse face, ensuring flutter-free draw-strokes and low braces.
* The Seven2 blade is lined with dynel. Combined with our pressure molding process, dynel offers the highest level of impact and abrasion resistance.
Cross-Helix Carbon Shaft
* Specifically engineered for kayaking, the .72 Cross-Helix carbon shaft is actually stronger than any other conventional shaft-regardless of their respective diameter.
* Performance and energy transfer is improved with the dynamic flex pattern of the straight shaft. Impact and jarring is eliminated, minimizing shoulder injuries and arm pain.
* The Cross-Helix carbon shaft combined with the Ergo-Torsion Control grip creates the most ergonomic, high performance kayak paddle available.
Weight 950g @ 97cm
Grip Width Outside of hand to Outside of hand
Regular 32 inches
Wide 34 inches
Blade Offset 30 degree
Shipping Fees:$20.00
Contact for Available Sizes

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