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Riot Booster
This larger version of the EZ makes river-running simple as pie. The Big EZ is highly rockered, and its ample volume and super-quick reaction time make it the ultimate tool for top to bottom river-running. There are no limits on this rodeo/play machine: flatwater, eddylines, holes or waves. And you won't get kicked out of holes by tips getting caught in green water-Big EZ rocks.
Shipping Fees:$75.00
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Q: Can volume numbers be used to accurately compare kayak models from different companies?
A: No. Every designer uses volumer differently. Some times the volume is carried in the kayaks deck, some times in the hull. Volume distribution affects the way a kayak and its parting line interact with the water. Kayak length also affects this interaction. Volume alone will tell you very little about the design without other aspects of the design taken into consideration. Within one manufacturers line, volume can be used but don't compare apples and oranges.

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