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Wave Sport Z
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River runners and big guys rejoice! Z combines hard-core freestyle performance, friendly handling, and comfort in one unusual kayak. A no compromise boat, the Z is designed to excel in freestyle competition and downriver play. Designed around paddlers who find the latest "hot" rodeo boats too uncomfortable or unstable in big water, Z features more volume, centralized around the cockpit. Besides extending the paddler weight-range, volume increases retentiveness and control in powerful holes. Like the ForPlay, Z's ends are slicy for easy initiation of vertical moves. And, a balanced, symmetrical hull enhances performance in every plane. Z has a pure planing hull with concave ends. It breaks loose when you're ready, and one-stroke 360's are easy. Kick rocker keeps Z from diving on big drops and during front or back surfs. They have optimized the outfitting for larger paddlers. The standard large thigh brace allows easy entry and exit, while offering the paddler plenty of control. Generous foot room lets you play all day in comfort. If you aren't the average size whitewater boater, but don't want your skills to be average either, then Z is for you.
length 251.5 cm 8'3"
width 65.4 cm 25.75"
depth 33.7 cm 13.25"
volume 238.5 l 63 gal
weight 17.7 kg 39 lbs
paddler weight 54.5 - 118.2 kg 120 - 260 lbs
paddler height 162.6 - 198.1 cm 5'4" - 6'6"
Shipping Weight:1.00 lbs.
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