Lotus Designs Pouch
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The Pouch is a heavy-duty bag designed to fit onto the lumbar region of any Lotus Designs swimvest. It is designed to carry the Whip-it throwbag, keeping it within easy reach in any situation. It's been tweaked some more for 2000. Lotus Designs redesigned the shape of the bag itself, minimizing off-the-back sag when it's full. And, they reworked the breakaway buckle, so that if The Pouch gets snagged on anything, a minimal amount of trapped force will bust it off the side adjusters on your swimvest. A strap of 3M reflective tape sewn to the top of the bag adds a touch of security to your PFD.
Heavy duty coated fabric
Sturdy Fastex buckle closure
Attaches to the side adjustment buckles on any Lotus Designs swimvest
Breakaway system designed to detach under snag stress
Shipping Weight:1.00 lbs.
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