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40 Red
42 Red / Orange

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Wave Sport Big EZ
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This larger version of the EZ makes river-running simple as pie. The Big EZ is highly rockered, and its ample volume and super-quick reaction time make it the ultimate tool for top to bottom river-running. There are no limits on this rodeo/play machine: flatwater, eddylines, holes or waves. And you won't get kicked out of holes by tips getting caught in green water-Big EZ rocks.
length 7'
width 25 1/2"
depth 12 1/4"
volume 51 gallons
Shipping Weight:1.00 lbs.
In-Store Sale Only

Q: Are plaining hull kayaks slower than displacement hull kayaks?
A: Yes and No. Hull speed while river running is more a product of kayak length but since plaining hull kayaks are typically shorter than the displacement hulls built years ago, they seem to be slower. However, a plaining hull kayak is a displacement hull when not at plaining speeds.
Q: Is the hard chine on the hull of a modern kayak responsible for making it feel edgy?
A: No. The hard chine found on modern whitewater kayaks is nothing more than a release area and transition zone from the hull too the side wall. While the chine is in the water, riverrunning, it usually does nothing. The parting line where the sidewall and deck meet dictates how edgy a kayak feels. The lower the parting line, the more edgy a kayak feels. The higher out of the water a parting line is the more predictable a kayak feels. The chine doesn't come into play until the kayak reaches plaining speeds while surfing or during a jet ferry.

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