Seven2 Daisy G3
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Ergo-Torsion Control Grips
* The 8 degree grips line-up tendons, ligaments and muscles for correct ergonomics. Angling the grip, instead of the shaft, keeps the center of the hand aligned with the center point of the blade.
* Grips offer unmatched blade control, without having to over-grip the paddle. Orientation to the blade's powerface is automatic, eliminating missed strokes, blade flutter and forearm fatigue.
* Stationary grips create a consistent distance from hand to blade, ensuring a balanced swing weight.
Resurface Technology Blades
* All buoyancy is concentrated in the NEW air-core blades. Blades quickly resurface, adding power to braces and rolls. Buoyant blades create a "spring" in your stroke, reducing energy output between paddle strokes and moves.
* Mid-size asymmetrical blades provide a hydrodynamic surface on both the powerface and reverse face, ensuring flutter-free draw-strokes and low braces.
* The Seven2 blade is lined with dynel. Combined with our pressure molding process, dynel offers the highest level of impact and abrasion resistance.
Cross-Helix Carbon Shaft
* Specifically engineered for kayaking, the .72 Cross-Helix carbon shaft is actually stronger than any other conventional shaft-regardless of their respective diameter.
* Performance and energy transfer is improved with the dynamic flex pattern of the straight shaft. Impact and jarring is eliminated, minimizing shoulder injuries and arm pain.
* The Cross-Helix carbon shaft combined with the Ergo-Torsion Control grip creates the most ergonomic, high performance kayak paddle available.
Weight 900g @ 191cm
Grip Width Outside of hand to Outside of hand
Regular 30 inches
Wide 32 inches
Blade Offset 30 degree
Shipping Fees:$20.00
Contact for Available Sizes

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