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Lotus Designs Critter
Buy now and receive a really cool die-cut Otter sticker! No sales tax on out-of-state shipments.
This is the Lotus Designs canine PFD, redesigned in a big way for 2000. They have evolved the design, creating what they feel is the safest, and most comfortable, flotation a dog can wear. It's now built from bomber 1000-denier Cordure nylon, withstanding the constant abrasion from rocks and brush as your dog follows you down the creek. The panel hinges all the way around the dog, eliminating binding points on the belly.
Lotus Designs use curved side-release buckles that wrap on the ribcage, and they moved the closure point onto the side, minimizing strap drag.
The Critter has a fully adjustable collar piece, a sturdy grab handle on the back, a leash D-ring, and plenty of 3M reflective tape. The finest and longest lasting dog's vest ever. It's a paddling dog's best friend.
1000-denier Cordura Nylon
3M Reflective Tape
Shipping Weight:1.00 lbs.
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