Hot New Products for 2002!!! - 20-Sep-01
by Jason, ORS
Since 1997, Kira and Jason have strived to offer the Inland Northwest / Northern Rockies paddlers the finest selection of cutting edge equipment, expert advice and superior service in a friendly atmosphere. 2002 will be no different. In fact, for 2002 Otter River Sports will not only have the sickest selection of modern equipment you have come to expect from names like Wave Sport, Riot, Stohlquist, Lotus Designs, Immersion Research, Surf the Earth, Kokatat, Seven 2, AT and Snap Dragon, but also exclusive distribution of some of the industries most innovative products from Liquid Logic, Dagger and Pyranha. In 1997, you found it here first. In 2002, you will only find it here.
In 1998, Wave Sport turned the whitewater world on its ear with the unvailing of the X. This ground breaking design with its industry exclusive use of the Paramax design program and its design wizards EJ and David Knight, set the stage for a string of best sellers like the Y, Z, XXX, ForPlay, EZ and Big EZ. For 2002, Wave Sport is out of the gate fast and charging hard with a impressive lineup of original designs. The new Siren, Ace 47 and Ace 51 fill the gap between the fast and dynamic XXX, ForPlay designs and the newer, forgiving and versatile EZ's. These mid-sized performance playboats with a forgiving nature are sure to be a instant success. For the physically well indowed who felt a little cramped in the Big EZ, your salvation comes in the form of the SUPER EZ. Does your creeker have you feeling like your paddling the S.S. old school? Do you spend most of your time in your playboat? If you answered yes to these questions, the Mutent is your "E" ticket. With a radically assymetric chined displacement hull, progressive rocker and swede-form profile, the Mutant puts a new school spin on a old school problem. As always, Wave Sport is only available at Otter River Sports.
In 1997, Otter River Sport was the Northwest's first shop to unvail a strange, new and innovative kayak called the Riot Hammer. For 2002, Riot crosses the performance kayak threshold with quite possibly the strongest riverrunning playboat "freerunner" ever released. The "Booster" is sure to be a legend in its own time. With comfort, speed, performance, new outfitting package, cool metallic looks, three sizes and a un-Riot like forgiving nature, the Booster is sure to find a home in everyones quiver. For the surfing inclined, Riot releases the long anticipated Techno. This "Surfstyle" design with its swallow-tail ends and lighting quick looseness is likelly to turn more than the head of the operator. Since 1997, only available in the Inland Northwest at Otter River Sports.
In typical Otter River Sports form of being the first on the block to offer the Inland Northwest paddler the sickest new toys, we are very proud to announce the exclusive distribution of Liquid Logic Kayaks. With some of the cleanest, fastest, most thoughtful and performance oriented kayak designs to be released in years, LL is sure to shake things up. The Session and Session + are the wave surfing, hole riding, Lochsa, Kootenai super-fun-machines. The Skip and Pop will re-define short boat performance with just the right length, speed, volume, rocker and room. Get ready to cleeaaannnnn yourself silly in style! If the steeps are what you dream of, big and juicy or small and tech, LL has you covered with the GUS and Huck. As always, only available at ORS.
Dagger was founded on performance, comfort and innovation, 2002 is no diferent. The very popular Showdown, Outlaw and Honcho return with a new and improved outfitting package to make a winning freerunner series even better. The new GT and GTX replace the popular entry level Animas and Piedra models with a reved up plaining hull, shorter length and balanced volume to create, any time, any where, "Go-To" designs. Dagger improves on its loosest playboat design ever by evolving the new ID 6 and ID 7 from its popular EGO's. These new play designs are sure to tear the river to pieces with a more forgiving nature and foot room to spare in usual Dagger form. For the playboater who dreams of flight, the new G-Force and Mini-G are sure to rack up tones of frequent flyer miles. New to the Inland Northwest for 2002, Dagger Performance Whitewater Kayaks are only available at Otter River Sports, the regions only paddler owner and operated shop.
Pyranha has long been the European innovator and cult company of the fanatical whitewater kayaker. For 2002, Pyranha gives its loyal customers more reason to keep coming back in the form of the Sub 6 and Sub 8 series. Hot on the heels of the Sub 7's, Pyranha's entry into the short boat market, the new Sub 8's fill that gap between the ever popular and forgiving Zone's and playfull 7's. The new Sub 6's give Pyranha paddlers a swallow tail "Surfstyle" boat to drool over with a short length that's long on water line and speed. Whether it's the InaZone, H2Zone Sub 6,7,or 8, Pyranha has it covered in style and innovation. For 2002, Otter River Sports is stoked to announce the exclusive distribution of Pyranha Kayaks in the Inland Northwest.
Necky has long been a Northwest favorite and since 1997 with the introduction of the Jive 8'4", Otter River Sports has brought this original companies "surfstyle" plainingh hull whitewater kayaks to you. Following the popular Switch, Necky introduces the Witch, a smaller paddlers dream surfer with legendary Necky looseness, speed and forgiving manner. 25% smaller than the Switch, the Witch is just right for ladies, kids and smaller guys. Is lack of foot room giving you the blues or at least blue feet? If so, be sure to check out the new and improved Zip, now with Switch style foot bumps and improved leg room. Necky and Otter River Sports, 100% plaining hull kayaks since day one.
Seven 2 Paddles turned it on and came on strong in 2000. After a full season of innovating, tweaking, testing, designing and re-inventing the paddle, Seven 2 is back with one of the most revolutionary paddle line to ever hit the water. With a new blade shape, air-core construction, shaft weave, grip composition and two affordable price ranges, their is a Seven 2 for everyone and no reason not to go-ergo! O Yeah, their only available at the shop who brought them to you in the first place, the Inland Northwest's very best, Otter River Sports.
In 1997, when straight shaft was still king, Otter River Sports turned the Inland Northwest onto the greatest innovation to hit kayaking since the spray skirt, AT Bent Shaft Paddles. This small revolutionary paddle company which brought true ergonomics and performance to paddle design and construction, changed the way we paddle and the way we think about our paddle. With the introduction of the AT3's coming in at a modest $259. their is no longer a excuse not to own the very best. Still only available at the Inland Northwest's own, Otter River Sports.
For us, every new season is filled with excitement and anticipation. Anticipation of all the new tricks we might learn, new rivers we'll paddle and friends that we'll make. Our excitement is imposible to contain, with so many great new toys to try, new paddlers to teach and old friends to share new experiences with. It has always been about the paddling, it always will be. Our goal from day one has been to provide the Inland Northwest paddler the very best selection of whitewater equipment currently available. We have always been the regions first to introduce new and innovative products and techniques. Through better instruction, knowledge, individual service and equipment, we all learn faster, have more fun and in the end, spend more quality time on the water. We strive to improve the quality of our paddling experience here in the Inland Northwest by working together with the AWA on conservation and access issues, sponsoring special events and guest instructor clinics, rodeos, free demo days, Thursday night group paddles and rescue clinics. Through our paddling, teaching, competing and listening to you, we know what works and what we all want on the water. Otter River Sports, working hard to bring the Inland Northwest the very best since 1997. Live Long, Paddle Hard!


Jason & Kira

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