Jed Sedlacek - Wild Man -
Jed Sedlacek has paddled for Team Otter since the Spring of 1998 and has been the regional Necky Pro Paddler since the Summer of 1999. Jed is a accomplished play paddler but really shines when the river bed gets steep. Jed thrives in the realm of the vertical and is a welcome companion on any hair raising adventure. Look for Jeds digital images appearing on the Otter Gallery and on upcoming team videos.
Home: '91 Toyota pickup
When Not Paddling: You mean I have to stop???
Most Proud Of: The last drop I ran, that everyone else laughed at, then walked around.
Advice: Find good friends, a good boat, then go paddle.
Favorite Creek/Run: Mitchell Creek, B.C. Because it's ultra-low volume, jamb packed with steep complex drops, waterfalls, and is only a couple miles long so you can shoot lots of video and not have to paddle out in the dark.
Favorite Playspot: Big trashy waves.....Wanna come???
Best Thrashing: A not so enormous hole on the Salmon the first year I started paddling. I was showing off, not paying attention, and got worked!! (But I didn't swim..HA HA)
Admirations:Beginners who refuse to give up no matter how cold and tired they get. And my buds who put up with all my antics....Thanks guys.
Creek Tip:Don't be afraid to walk around a drop that feels wrong, but don't walk just because everyone else does. If you see a line that you know you can run, RUN IT!!!
Rodeo Tip:Breath until you're upside down, then stop.
Other Sports:There are other sports???

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