09-Oct-00 - The Evolution of the Beginner Boat - by Eric "EJ" Jackson
Who am I to say what sort of boat anyone should paddle? I've been paddling all my life, competing at elite levels - including the Olympics - teaching, and working with my design partner David Knight to create whitewater kayaks, including the X, Y, Z, XXX, ForPlay, and Wave Sport's new boats. You may not want to paddle exactly like I do, or you may want to only run rivers, or to only play - whatever you do, it will be enhanced by using today's very best, up-to-date designs. EJ

08-Nov-00 - The Evolution of the Whitewater Kayak - by Eric "EJ" Jackson
The Evolution of the Whitewater Kayak, part 1 Conception to present time
Hot New Products

20-Sep-01 - Hot New Products for 2002!!! - by Jason, ORS
Hot New Whitewater Products for 2002. Only Available at the Inland Northwest's Best Paddlesports Shop, Otter River Sports!
Special Events

09-May-02 - Necky Kayak Demo Day Sunday May 12th - by ORS
The 5th Annual "Necky Kayak Demo Day" will be Sunday May 12th from 11-4pm, at the North Idaho College Beach on Coeur d'Alene Lake.

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