Here are a few options.....
by Jason, ORS 13-Mar-2001 05:55 PM

Depends on the boat style you want.  Their are
really two different play boat styles now, longer,
faster and slicier and the shorter bobbier versions
that are easy to throw around.  The Super Ego from
Dagger has a tone of room and falls on the shorter
end of the spectrum.  The Big EZ from Wave Sport
has quite a bit of foot room and is wwwaaayyyy easy
to cartwheel.  On the longer end of things, their
is the Prankster from Riot this isn't going to be
as easy to flatwater cartwheel but will rule all
out on the wave and in bigger holes.  Wave Sport
also has a longer boat like the Prankster, in the
form of the Score, really a bigger ForPlay.  The
Score is very spacious and probably te most
forgiving of the longer performance boats.  Hope
this help a little.



What is the play boat to buy for big guys.  I am
6foot 195lbs.  Normal playboats hurt to much for
extended sessions.
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