Otter Sports Thursday Night Paddle......
by Jason, ORS 19-Jun-2001 10:36 AM

What would you all think about a Thursday Night
Paddle on the Spokane River, semi-sponsored by
Otter River Sports?  This is not a club outing but
rather just a bunch of freerunning minded paddlers
converging at one time.  Their are a lot of you new
paddlers out there that have requested such a get
together.  The format however is more of a freerun
(play the whole river) as opposed to the usual
blitz run (down river race in record time).  We are
thinking about meeting at the Sullivan Hole access
at 6:00'ish and running from Barker - Sullivan
Hole. We will try this for a few weeks and see how
participation goes.  It will be a great chance for
play oriented paddlers to hook up and for more
experienced paddlers to share their knowledge with
the new boaters.  Basically, EVERYONE is welcome. 
I need some feedback.


Jason Wing
Otter River Sports
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