Hangman a'runnin'
by McHolehog 8-Jan-2002 05:49 PM

Yup, if you haven't run Hangman, today woulda
been nice. Level peaked around 1 a.m. 01/08/02 at 
6.59 ft or 3500 cfs, and is currently headed
The level today was just a bit too high for the 2 
playspots: "Dirty Mother Wave" on the upper and
"Flour Power Wave" on the lower. 
For more info on either of these, lemme know or
check out American Whitewater
d/2128/  (this is the upper description) and/or
Enjoy, don't forget nose plugs, goggles,
current hepatitis vaccine, and gloves as it is
ice cold!
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