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by Alan 27-May-2012 02:22 AM

Hi Shiela!It was such a great group attending our 
sssoien at the Summer Institute thanks for being
there! Yes, we often have some Birth-3 staff
attending our preschool workshops as many of the
ideas from the framework are easily adapted for
the home environment. I work part of my time in
Birth-3 and I really like to look at toys that
are in the home and help parents know what kinds
of things to look for in toys that will promote
hand development and a wide array of other early
skills. Looking for vertical surfaces e.g. the
side of the refrigerator with big sheets of paper 
is a great surface for early scribbling. Squeeze
bath tub toys that squirt and other toys that
stick to the vertical surface sides of the tub
are also fun activities. And of course there are
so many wonderful board books now for young
children.  We also talk at home visits about
making simple books with real photos and a few
words. The home and yard offer so many
opportunities for gross motor play; the small
elastablast has been a favorite home visit
acitivity as it is so easy to involve parents and 
siblings and everyone can move and play together! 
Have fun as you continue to play and learn and
good luck with your thesis!  Mary and Laura
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