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Riot 2001 Trickster
"Summer Sale". To order, please call the shop for the best shipping rates.
Trickster is fast. In fact, it's the fastest rodeo surfing boat Riot has ever designed. It's also the losest boat Riot has ever produced, and they are known for making the loosest kayaks in the world. Trickster will surf, spin, airblunt and green grind waves most kayaks won't even catch. The Slip System on the hull allows you to spin yourself sick, yet affords you such a level of predictability that you'll make everyone else in the eddy sick too - sick of waiting for you to get off the wave! Where this kayak really shines is in the vertical realm. The concaved bow and stern, with release edges along the concaves, make the boat move in a steady controlled arc through the water. This makes slight adjustments to the angle of attack in mid cartwheel easy to do, and the result is that once you get the boat going, it'll cartwheel forever. Low angle ends in shallow ledges, dead vertical in the most powerful holes, and long bow and stern stalls in the flats inbetween, Tricksteer will link'em up as you've never experienced before.
length 7'10"
width 24"
volume 49 gallons
weight 35 pounds
Price:$1080.00 $749.00
Shipping Weight:1.00 lbs.
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