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Riot 2001 Prankster
"Summer Sale". To order, please call the shop for the best shipping rates.
Prankster is the Trickster's bigger brother. The concept behind this kayak are identical. The exact same hull as the Trickster, and the same concept in deck design, but with more volume and foot room for larger paddlers. In fact, Riot has had some giants in this toy, and every one of them agreed on one thing - it's the highest performing playboat ever designed for big people. Prankster is not a tender footed boat for tall people, it's an all out radical river raging machine for the physically well endowed. Extra volume in the foot area for those long legs and big feet, and balanced volume in the stern for controlled linked vertical ends. Added centre volume for better retentiveness, and slicy ends are the key to this design for hole riding and vertical playing. Slip System hull for fast surfing and amazing spins. This is the dream boat that so many have been waiting for.
length 7'11"
width 24 1/2"
volume 53 gallons
weight 36 pounds
Price:$1080.00 $749.00
Shipping Weight:1.00 lbs.
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