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Riot 2001 Dominatrix 41
"Summer Sale". To order, please call the shop for the best shipping rates.
Dominatrix is the smallest in Riot's line of devious wave surfing, hole riding toys. The hull is almost identical to the Trickster's, except a little shorter to make vertical moves easier. Similar concept in deck design, but with much less volume in the ends than any Riot boat ever made. In fact, this is the easiest kayak longer than 7 feet to flatwater cartwheel, and it'll link up those ends in the smallest, softest holes imaginable. This is THE kayak small paddlers have been looking for. It is so small infact, that most average sized people won't even be able to get into it. But those who do are going to rage.

Extra volume in the knee area for super retentiveness, and comfortable foot area so paddlers can sit in it all day. Balanced volume in the stern for controlled linked vertical ends, and shorter for easy spins, and shallow hole submission. Slip System hull for fast surfing and blinding spins. This is the dream boat for girls and small guys that'll bring out the hidden qualities you never knew you has.
length 7'6"
width 24"
volume 41 gallons
paddler weight 80 - 130 pounds
boat weight 33 pounds
Price:$1080.00 $799.00
Shipping Weight:1.00 lbs.
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