Jud Keiser
Home: Liberty Lake, Washington
When Not Paddling: Snow Skiing somewhere on the back-side of the planet Earth.
Most Proud Of:
Advice: You cannot replace time spent on the river, so get out there and paddle...
Favorite Creek/Run: Kootenai River (home of the "V" Wave)
Favorite Playspot: The Bladder on the Payette when mileage isn't an issue. Dead Dog Hole at 20000 cfs.
Best Thrashing: Dead Dog Hole at 22000 cfs, got a little cocky the rest is a story in itself.
Admirations:Old guys who paddle hard!
Creek Tip:Stay within your ability.
Rodeo Tip:Sit-up straight, and keep your paddle ahead of the rotation of the trick you're performing.
Other Sports:Skiing

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