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(28) Orange
(29) Yellow
(30) Blue
(31) Black/Green
(33) Black/Green/Blue

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Wave Sport X
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In 1997, X started a revolution in playboat design, with its distinctive shape and rodeo-winning performance. Today, it's still winning rodeos, but it's also a winning design for newer boaters who want to take their skills further, faster. Roll today, cartwheel tomorrow. X is responsive, easy to paddle, and oh-so-forgiving. X doesn't rely on gimmicks; subtle but important design features make it work. The beveled chine creates a smooth, no-trip transition from the slippery hull to sidewall. You can learn to spin and grind without worrying about catching an edge. And, X's concave ends - a Wave Sport innovation - allows the hull to quickly release on green waves and start spinning. X can start you on your way, and stay with you as your skills develop. Remember, roll today, cartwheel tomorrow. If you're just learning to front surf or back surf, you'll like X's symmetrical shape. It gives you predictable performance on a wave no matter which way you're facing. And, X's low-profile ends and balanced volume give you easy access to cartwheels and other vertical moves.
length 243.8 cm 8'
width 62.9 cm 24.75"
depth 30.5 cm 12"
volume 212 l 56 gal
weight 16.8 kg 37 lbs
paddler weight 36.4 - 90.0 kg 80 - 200 lbs
paddler height 152.4 - 193 cm 5' - 6'4"
Shipping Weight:1.00 lbs.
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